Sampa Explore | Off Road Rentals in Baja California Sur, Fully Equipped for any Adventure

Sampa is an off road rental company in Baja California Sur that comes fully equipped for any adventure. Rooftop tent + Camping + Cooking + Sports Gear + more !

Sampa Explore Off Road Trips in Baja Slider v001 Sampa Explore Off Road Trips in Baja Slider v002 1 Sampa Explore Off Road Trips in Baja Slider v003 1 Sampa Explore Off Road Trips in Baja Slider v004 1 Off road cars & campervan rentals in Baja California Sur
fully equipped for any adventure
4X4 + Camper Vans + Camping + Cooking + Sports Gear + More !

Yoga & Outdoor Retreat
Mar de Cortés, Baja California, México

May 4-8, 2023

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Camper Van

Our new Sampa van is equipped with solar panels, a full on bed and cooking equipment so that you can experience a classic road trip in a more luxurious and comfortable way. Perfect for couples and/or groups of 2 people who are looking for an adventure.

block 1 jeep wrangler

Jeep Wrangler 4×4

The Baja Peninsula is a land of adventure and exploration. The Jeep Wrangler can take you on any terrain with ease but it’s not recommended if you are more than four people or will bring a lot of gear because space is limited.

block 2 pickup ram 4x4 1

Pick Up RAM 4×4

There is nothing like and adventure with all the gadgets you need to get your blood flowing. That is why we recommend the Pick Up RAM 4X4. This more spacious vehicle can fit up to five people comfortably and all the gear you need.


Our guided tours are tailor-made experiences with a guide(s) who will take you to the best spots in Baja Sur. We recommend this for groups who are looking for a more personalized experience with someone to help them establish an itinerary, daily guidance during the trip and/or setting up activities.



Off Road Rentals in Baja Sur

The state of stillness while waiting for your next wave and the rush while surfing it, the unpleasant comfort of salted skin, staring at sky full of stars and understanding that you are part of something greater, the realization of not having much and having everything at the same time. It’s all within your reach and it’s waiting for you to go experience it.

Sampa Explore will provide everything you need to road trip and discover Baja California Sur. When booking make sure you include all you need to your 4×4 vehicle.

Drive & Sleep
Included in your rental
unit 2 nicetohave
Nice to have
Cook & Shower Chill
Additional costs apply
unit 3 epic
Make it epic
Air & Dirt & Water
Additional costs apply

What to do in Baja California Sur

Baja is a heaven for adventure seekers. From hidden surfing spots to more intimate and peaceful destinations. There is no shortage of exotic destinations to enjoy Baja. Surfing, kitesurfing, diving, road tripping, hiking, star gazing, sand boarding. To name a few.

“Leave no trace” is good
“Leave the place better that how you found it” is better
Sampers make their presence in nature unknown,
minimizing their lasting impact on natural areas and
keeping them intact for the protection of wildlife
so everyone can continue enjoying nature.

Plan ahead and prepare specially foodwise to avoid waste
Generate as few garbage as possible
Dispose of waste properly
Leave what you find
Minimize campfire impacts
Respect wildlife

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