East Cape

About East Cape

The East Cape is a secluded area of sweeping landscapes where the desert meets the Sea of Cortez, and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains sit in the backdrop. During the summer you will find some of the best waves for surfing (right point breaks) and even if you don’t surf the road and beaches are breathtaking, making it the perfect spot to set up your Sampa. 

*Note: Get provisions before driving to the east cape, there will be no stores close by and limited places to grab food.

Recommended Camping Spots

What to do?


Surf Lessons

The East Cape is known worldwide for its amazing waves and the surfers who are on them. It is the perfect place to surf while looking at a perfect and breathtaking scenery.

Nearby establishments

The White Lodge

Hotel boutique and restaurant (wifi and pool)

Zai Sushi

Offers wifi; not cheap but good sushi

Liebre Matriera

Great food and party on saturday and sunday
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